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I have been thinking a lot lately about how easy it is for me to overcomplicate things in my life by adding more stuff to it. But instead of making my life easier or more meaningful, most of the things I accumulate only distract me from the more important work and relationships I actually value. Here are a few ways I’m actively trying to simplify my life:

  1. stuff – The things I own end up owning me, so I’m attempting a massive purge of my belongings. From clothes to furniture to old sports equipment and random nicknacks, I’m working towards being completely uncluttered. This has also generated a little extra income through eBay and Craigslist and some write-off-able donations to Goodwill.
  2. clothes – Adopting a uniform has opened up closet space and cut down on the mental bandwidth required to process deciding what to wear each day. My clothes rotation consists primarily of jeans, chinos, black tee shirts, white button-ups, and a couple of black sweaters. This has also helped me avoid spending money on extra clothes that I may like but don’t “need” for my uniform.
  3. food – I’m close to standardizing my breakfast, lunch, and workday snacks to save money, eat better, and stop spending time debating what i’m going to eat. Eggs/beans/avocado or sardines (thanks, Tim Ferriss!) for breakfast before i leave for work, then veggie and nut snacks throughout the day. I still need to find a good, easy to pre-prepare lunch to pack, but then that’s the bulk of my low-carb, low-meat meals sorted, and for way less than the cost of a couple of restaurant visits.
  4. distractions – No more Facebook or Twitter on my phone (and no more time consuming apps on my phone in general), no more unnecessary subscriptions or memberships, and no more happy hours or meetings I’m not 100% excited about.

What are some other ways we can trim the fat from our lives and free up more time, space, and money for the things that are really important?

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