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Some Much Needed Perspective Tonight

I was having an annoying day. I slept poorly and was running late this morning. My motorcycle got a flat tire (the 2nd in almost as many days) on the way to work. Meeting after meeting once I finally arrived at the office. The line at the post office was interminable. Annoyances, in rapid succession, all day long.

And then my Uber driver tonight is from Kabul. He has been in the US for 18 months as a political asylum seeker, but his wife and daughter are still in Afghanistan where–to paraphrase him–women have no rights and are treated like property. His home is a war zone. He can’t find work as an engineer in the US so has been Uber-ing to barely make ends meet. 

Thank you, universe, for that smack in the face; that wake-up call. For the reminder of what real hardship and real perseverance look like; for that reminder of how bad my “bad” days actually are. 

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