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Vacation Week Shift: Maximizing Five Days Off of Work

There was a time when making the most of my vacations meant trying to squeeze in as many days on the road as possible, and then trying to squeeze in as many activities into those days as possible. More was decidedly better. Now, however, I’m a little older and the equation is changing a bit. More enjoyable is better, and that usually means leaning towards quality of quantity and paying more attention to the pre- and post-travel transitions.

Now when I take 5 days off of work, instead of trying to bookend the trip with two weekends, I stagger the trip so that I’m traveling Thursday though Wednesday. It’s two fewer days on the road, but the improved quality of the trip more than makes up for those two days.


  • You only have a two-day work week when you return. This is by far the best part.¬†Even when jet-lagged and coming down from a travel high, two days of work is actually manageable. It’s a good, gentle reintroduction to the daily grind.
  • It’s cheaper. Instead of paying elevated weekend rates for hotels twice, you only have one weekend (and two fewer nights overall). Flights are cheaper on Wednesdays and Thursdays than on weekends.
  • Less traffic. Airports aren’t as hectic mid-week and if you’re driving there’s generally less traffic on the highways.

I’m still working towards a lifestyle where my travels aren’t restricted by corporate overlords, but until I get there I’m trying to get the most out of my days off.

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