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What I Learned This Week: July 8, 2016

Don’t Wear Sunglasses

From Henry Rollins in a You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes podcast. Rollins, in addition to his many other noteworthy accolades, is an avid traveler and thoughtful observer of the human condition. He casually mentions some of his rules for fostering real human connections in (seemingly) culturally different parts of the globe. One that made a lot of sense after hearing it: don’t wear sunglasses. Looking people in the eye and being vulnerable by allowing people to read your eyes seems like a small, insignificant point, but is actually a good rule of thumb for any interpersonal interaction.

Direct LA-to-Cuba Flights Coming Soon

Still tentative, but the writing is on the wall. It’s definitely time to get on that Cuba tip before the flood gates open. Read at Conde Nast Traveller

Compare Your Stated vs Actual Priorities

I say that family, friends, health, hustle, and travel are the most important things in my life, but how does that compare to how I actually spend my time? It turns out that when I take an honest accounting of my time, there’s not as much alignment as I would like between what I say and what I do. My actual priorities are day-job work and commuting, Netflix and Internet shenanigans, girlfriend/friends, and running/working out. It’s a simple exercise with a simple answer: I need to make more room in my life for family, hustle, and travel, and I should be able to sacrifice some work and goofing-off-online time to make that happen.