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Travel Essentials: Home Away From Home

Jay Nunn Travel Essentials | Home Away From Home

I tend to fall on the minimal side of the packing spectrum. I mostly bring versatile clothes, running gear, and a little bit of tech, but there are three items I enjoy having with me on the road even though they’re not completely necessary. These are little reminders of home and my at-home routine.

Braun Travel Alarm Clock

I pretty much always have a watch and phone with me, both of which are great for telling time, but I started using the Braun Travel Alarm Clock ($28) at home in an effort to keep my cell and other distracting tech out of the bedroom. The no-tech evening routine has been a mixed bag of success, but the analog alarm clock has been a big win. The Braun is minimal and stylish, compact and lightweight, and–best of all–has no snooze button, which forces me to actually get up when the alarm goes off.

Apolis Transit Candles

Apolis Global Citizen Transit Issue Travel Candle

Hotel rooms aren’t always the most comfortable, and smaller ones can feel cramped and stuffy. The Apolis Transit Issue Travel Candle ($22) helps to add a little brightness, and since I use Apolis candles at home, too, these provide an extra sense of calm and familiarity when I’m amid the unfamiliar.

FOLDING Valet Tray

Parabellum Valet Tray Black

It’s easy for me to misplace things when I’m out of my normal daily routine. Keys, wallet, watch, chapstick, change, and other miscellany tend to get spread around a hotel room or end up in the deepest, darkest recesses of my luggage if I’m not intentional about where I put them. A valet or change tray is a necessity for me at home, and I bring a portable one with me on the road. They snap up at the corners to create a little bowl, and unfold and lay flat for easy packing. I picked mine up from a Coach outlet years ago, and there are dozens of other good options on the market these days, but this pebbled leather version from Parabellum ($175) is pretty close to perfect.



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