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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duoface Dress Watch


Chunky steel sport watches are usually tough to pull off with a suit (with a few more allowances typically made for Rolex) so a solid dress watch is a great piece to have in your rotation.

JLC’s Reverso is an interesting choice because of it’s Art Deco sport watch origins. Originally designed for polo players who wanted to protect their wrist watches from the rigors of sport, the flippable case allowed for a bit of robustness in play and elegance at rest. Fast forward 100 years and the Reverso is now downright dressy by modern standards but no less functional. The Reverso Classic with its solid, engraveable caseback is a perennial unknockable choice for collectors and novices alike.

The Reverso Duoface, though, trades its engraveable caseback for a second “Home Time” dial to keep track of another timezone while jetsetting, and although stainless steel is always a reliable choice for a watch, a little pink gold goes a long way sometimes.


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