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Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: All-In on Going Electric


After fighting with the temperamental and underpowered engine, severe fluid leaks, and realizing how much work needed to be done to the rusted and twisted body, I decided that the aesthetic joys of driving a classic didn’t necessarily have to come with the mechanical problems. I wanted a classic sports car with modern guts, and if the idea of a factory original classic car is out the window, I had some room to play around with this project.

A few of the guiding principles for this rebuild, restoration, and modification

  1. Prioritize weight and efficiency (i.e. less is more)
  2. Modernize where possible
  3. Rethink the User Interface and User Experience
  4. Aim for a slightly irreverent classic


Phase one is for a frame-off cleaning, body work, and painting, so the disassembly begins.
The point of no return: the gas engine is out and sold to another Spitfire wrencher
Most interior and exterior pieces removed and now the Spit is ready for a serious body work overhaul. I discovered that the original color of this car was brown, and had since been repainted (poorly) red, blue, and silver in succession.

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