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Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Early Restoration Work


As far as Spitfires go, the Mark-IV and 1500s aren’t as special as the 1960s models, so I never felt obligated to stick to an all-original and pure restoration project for this car. I wanted to make some aesthetic and functional modifications.

I started by replacing the old, rotting seats with bucket seats from a Mazda Miata, removing the heavy chrome bumpers, and replacing the rotten fiberboard transmission cover with a modern plastic one.


Out with the old seats and in with Miata seats. Ultimately these ended up being too tall and I would revert to original seats, but was a nice idea in theory.
Out with the old seats and in with Miata seats
Picked up a new soft top and removed the rear chrome bumper. It was bent, heavy, and seemed generally ineffective for protection, and I really prefer the lines of the car without the protruding bumper.
Removed the bent, rusted front chrome bumper as well. Not immediately as clean as the rear, but should eventually look better with a little work.
The Spit’s original, rotting, 40-year-old fiberboard transmission cover
The Spit’s new plastic transmission cover installed, but still a lot of work to be done to clean up the cockpit.


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