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Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Some Cockpit Progress


Work has progressed on the car, including some updates to the interior. As the car takes shape it’s encouraging to see results I’m happy with.

  • Moto-Lita 13″ wood steering wheel — expensive, but totally worth it
  • Red crash pad (instead of black) to match the rest of the interior
  • Red door panels and cockpit panels — with no side windows to roll up and down, I’m working with a friend to design custom pieces to put over the holes in the door panel. We’ll likely be 3D printing some sunglass holders.
  • Dash-mounted rear view mirror
  • With an electric car there are a lot fewer gauges and controls needed on the dashboard, so I’m designing a new one for this car. The dash will be a single piece of solid wood to pay homage to the original 3-piece Spitfire design. Conveniently, an iPad Mini fits nicely in the center of the dash.
  • The interior floor panels will eventually be wood to match the dash, but as an interim I’m happy with this repurposed Oriental Rug


The Spitfire cockpit taking shape with wooden steering wheel, red crash pad to match the rest of the interior, dash-mounted rear-view mirror, and an in-progress custom dash panel. Back to Spitfire seats that are awaiting reupholstery (in red).
Speedhut Gauges: GPS Speedometer, Tach, and Charge Indicator. 
Red door panels and (temporary) Oriental Rug floor mats

Links: Speedhut

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