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Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Some Exterior Progress


The Spit *looks* like a car again, and is already a stunner IMHO despite still needing a lot of work. A bit of the noteworthy progress so far:

  • LED Headlamp upgrade
  • LED lights all around
  • New rear leaf spring, upgraded GAZ shocks front and back and lowered front suspension
  • 1960s style side mirrors
  • The grille will be custom and the location of the electric charging port
  • Super tiny license plate lights, although I’m going to try to install these under the lip of the boot
Long, lean lines of the trunk and the pared-down rear.
Holding the windshield in place until I can get it installed.
Don’t mind the neighbors… But I always forget how SMALL these cars are compared to our modern ones.
Body on frame, upgraded suspension, LED headlights, and all coming together



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