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Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Custom Classic V8 “EV” Badge


I’ve been looking for a way to subtly identify this as an electric vehicle and was inspired by the classic chrome racing “V8” emblems on old American muscle cars. With a very little work the V8 turns nicely into an Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Some Exterior Progress


The Spit *looks* like a car again, and is already a stunner IMHO despite still needing a lot of work. A bit of the noteworthy progress so far: LED Headlamp upgrade LED lights all around New rear leaf spring, upgraded Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Some Cockpit Progress


Work has progressed on the car, including some updates to the interior. As the car takes shape it’s encouraging to see results I’m happy with. Moto-Lita 13″ wood steering wheel — expensive, but totally worth it Red crash pad (instead Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Now it’s a Hard Top


So much for a purely topless car. The hard top should help with storage and some mildly inclimate weather, but it’s still a topless roadster at heart and won’t have side windows to keep weather (or intruders) out. The paint Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Reframing a Classic


When the body was removed for patching and painting, we learned just how bad the existing frame was for this car. It would be more cost-effective to buy a ‘new’ one than it would be to attempt repairing the original. Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Body Modifications


Another Spitfire aficionado I had met agreed to do the bodywork for a good price, so we sat down to figure out where to repair and where to modify. This is where the irreverence of the project starts to take Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: All-In on Going Electric


After fighting with the temperamental and underpowered engine, severe fluid leaks, and realizing how much work needed to be done to the rusted and twisted body, I decided that the aesthetic joys of driving a classic didn’t necessarily have to Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: Early Restoration Work


As far as Spitfires go, the Mark-IV and 1500s aren’t as special as the 1960s models, so I never felt obligated to stick to an all-original and pure restoration project for this car. I wanted to make some aesthetic and Read more…

Triumph Spitfire EV Conversion: The Donor Car


It was always going to be a project, but I didn’t quite realize how much of a project it was going to become. It leaked gas and oil, refused to start often, overheated easily, and rattled uncontrollably over 30 mph, Read more…