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Tips and Essentials for Long Flights

Jay Nunn | Tips and Essentials for Long Flights

A 13-hour flight from LA to Shanghai, and I actually feel pretty good at the tail end of it for once. Here’s how: Compress I occasionally wear compression socks during/after running races to keep swelling in my legs down, promote circulation, Read more…

The Taco Diaries Artwork By Susan Chen

Limited edition prints of original calligraphy by Susan Chen. These inspirational quotes are perfect for home or office. Individually signed and numbered by the artist. Coming soon.

HEIST Artwork by Cathy Zhang

Limited edition prints of original watercolor artwork by Cathy Zhang. These icons of the Los Angeles art scene are available with or without the text overlay. Individually signed and numbered by the artist. Coming soon.

What I Learned This Week: July 8, 2016

Don’t Wear Sunglasses From Henry Rollins in a You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes podcast. Rollins, in addition to his many other noteworthy accolades, is an avid traveler and thoughtful observer of the human condition. He casually mentions some of Read more…

Pyongyang Half Marathon 2017

Taking my adventure travel and half-marathoning to a new extreme in 2017. My spot is reserved for the Pyongyang Half Marathon and a three day tour of North Korea in April. I. Cannot. Wait. There are several tour groups, but Read more…

Norway’s Work of Passport Art

After peeping Norway’s modern, minimalist new passports I have some serious travel doc. envy. Read more at Travel & Leisure SaveSave

Travel Essentials: A Good Read

There’s going to be down time. Waiting for flights, during long train rides, or biding your time at a cafe while half people watching and half resting are great opportunities to take a step back and decompress, but please don’t Read more…

36 Hours in Los Angeles by The New York Times

The NY Times featured LA again in their 36 Hours travel series, and their suggestions are a great way to spend a day or two in the city. By focusing on the resurgent and eclectic downtown LA (DTLA) food and Read more…

Easy, Clean, and Cheap Cable Management

I tend to travel with a fair amount of tech, so finding a good way to manage the rat’s nest of cables I carry is an important part of staying organized on the road. I have tried several cable management Read more…

Vacation Week Shift: Maximizing Five Days Off of Work

There was a time when making the most of my vacations meant trying to squeeze in as many days on the road as possible, and then trying to squeeze in as many activities into those days as possible. More was Read more…